Without Strategy, Content is Just Pictures & Words. Tell your story, your way.

Turnkey & Scaleable Visual and Written Content.

A website and social media presence are now mainstays for just about every business. And thanks to user-friendly technology, AI, templates, and online tools, they are easy enough to start. But maintaining them is something else all together. The beauty of an online presence is you have the opportunity to tell your brand story 24/7. The downside, though, is that the opportunity to reach your customers never ends. Your business is an open book. 

We provide a scalable, sustainable way to hone your brand voice and tell your story with relatable content that will engage your audience and turn your followers into friends. You know your business story. But how well are you telling it?

MY Story

Without a strategy, it’s just words and pictures. Creating a website. Starting a social media account. Writing a blog. These are vital tools for any small business. And updates can be made at the touch of a button.

As a marketing professional with over 15 years working with some of the biggest brands, and now focused on small to mid-sized businesses, I know that nothing is as easy as “touch of a button.” More often than not, I see business owners with great ideas, who just need the support and focus to tell their story on digital platforms in a consistent, compelling and creative ways. 

I’ll partner with you to make sure your strategy rings true—and is loud and clear to your target audience. I’ve formed unique partnerships with the best photographers, videographers, and stylists in the business; and as a team, we provide scaleable, turnkey ways to bring you the lifestyle, evergreen and seasonal content that you need to bring your brand to life.

I look forward to helping you build your story. 

– McKenna L. Brooks

McKenna Lindahl Brooks